Very Lite (Ultra Plus) Flashlight


The ultra plus is a hybrid LED flashlight from Very Lite, using Nichia LEDs, 0.5-WATT and 5mm for long range and directional illumination flood lighting. Powered by 3 x AA size cells. Rubber body in black and yellow rings.

Overall Appearance

The body of the ultra plus is made up of hard rubber to make it shocks prove, resistant against rust, dust and water. The head is little bit bigger than the barrel of the light and have hard rubber coated rings on the barrel for more improve grip even you are a using a gloves. A plastic split ring is available at the end for hanging, despite the fact it can’t stand on it end.


Bezel / Head

The head of the ultra plus includes 5mm flat head 0.5-WATT LED arranged with a plastic silvered reflector for distance throw, and a 3 x 5mm Nichia LEDs for directional flood lighting. All installed permanently in a single module, but as it is LED it never need place. Individual resisters inside the module protect the LEDs for thermal runaway and over amperage.



The output is quiet good, 1 LED is used for distance lighting and 3 LEDs are used for directional area lighting. Light produce by the ultra plus is near to pure white because of using Nichia LEDs and no tint is detected.

0.5-WATT single LED mode for distance lighting
3 x 5mm Nichia LED mode for directional flood illumination
0.5-WATT and 3 x 5mm LED mode for distance and directional illumination


A reveres series click switch is located on the flat top near a head. Which act as a series switch means when it is press for the first time it activates the single long distant light, when it press for the second time, the signal center LED is off and the 3 LEDs on, for the third time it activates the all LEDs and for the forth time, everything became dark means OFF.


Seals / Water Resistance / Batteries

The light is made of complete rubber plastic covering, only head is removable which have O-ring to protect the light from water even any type of liquid (except chemicals). So we can call it complete waterproof flashlight.

3 AA size cells are required to power the light, alkaline, NiMH, are reported to work well in the light. To change the batteries unscrew the head of the light and drop out the old one and place new (-ve) first of each. And you are ready to go.


Extra Features

It has a hanging loop at its end for hanging the light with your gear or on walls for quick assess when needed, the loop is foldable for convenience in usage, as shown in the pictures the material of the light is ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic which is quick tough.