Powerlight (HX-G011) 1-WATT LED Flashlight


Powerlight is a small pocket LED flashlight available from dealextreme.com. Equipped with straw hat LED which clams to 1-WATT runs on a single AA cell for about 2 – 4 hours. The LED and reflector not quite well fixed but the light is quite good for its size and power source.

Overall Appearance

The body of the Powerlight is machined aluminum with anodize finish and is available in black and gray only. Although the light is anodize finish but it’s easily stacked out when keep the light with keys or coins in a pocket. The outside of the body has several rings machined into the surface to help with grip and you will also find flat panels around the central area of the body for texture and display of the company logos. The tailcap has a textured area for grip as well as a recessed switch for standing on end and a lanyard attachment point. A lanyard is attached with the light.


Bezel / Head

The head of the Powerlight includes a plastic lens, a plastic smooth reflector, an straw hat 1-WATT LED, Despite the fact these type of LEDs are mostly in 0.5-WATT rated power but manufacturer clams it 1-WATT, and a regulator circuit, all permanently instalLED. The LED is not perfectly centered in the reflector, which cause a little off word beam but ok during practical use.



Output is very good for a single AA alkaline cell. Using an alkaline cell, output is semi-regulated and diminishes over time. The light produced by the LED is a high color temperature and produces good color but, blue tint is detectable when compared against a near sunlight-white source. Or even when you put light on a white wall.

Beam shot at center on target to show the off word beam spot


The switch is a rubber covered clickie and is fully recessed in the tailcap which allows the light to stand on end and be used as an electric candle. It is very easy to use. Click ON, click OFF. Lock out function available with 1 full turn.


Seals / Water Resistance / Batteries

The light is protected from the environment by an O-ring at both ends of the body tube, a rubber switch cover and a sealed bezel. While the light is seems to be a splash able but not dive able cause no water resistant’s depth is shown by the manufacturer. The Powerlight is operating on single AA size alkaline cell while NiMH also works well. Its runtime is almost 2 – 4 hours.