Energizer Hard Case Work (TUF2AA1E) Flashlight


Energizer Hard Case work is a super bright Nichia LED hard case flashlight which survives 30 feet or more drop test and completely water resistant, gives 50 hours of run time with 2 x AA alkaline batteries, two Energizer LR6 are included.

The Energizer has also a wide range Hard Case Work series which include 4AA Light, 4AA Swivel, 2D Light, 4D Lantern.

Overall Appearance

The body of the Energizer Hard Case Work is tough polymer with thick rubber surround coating, has two flat panels on either side and is semi square in shape. The rubber is a texture for improve grip over weather condition, the plat panels have a company and product brand name on a metal plat which is in grove with L-Key screws. The head and tailcap is completely rubber coated on a hard polymer plastic and the body is clipped fitted and screws ensure the toughness of the light. The impact resistant body and the LED make the light “The Toughest Flashlight You’ll Ever Need”.


Bezel / Head

The bezel / head area consist of a black rubber surround, a polycarbonate convex lens with scratch resistant coating, and a lamp which includes a Nichia 5mm LED, a voltage booster circuit are combine together with a convex lens to provide a balance spot of beam are permanently install with the body to make it a single part.



The output light produce by the flashlight is pure white with slightly non-noticeable blue tint which is typical for 5mm Nichia LEDs and has good color temperature. It has a convex lens in front of a LED which gives a focused medium spot of beam. Little artifacts can be seen in the corona around the central spot.



The switch is a rubber covered reverse-clickie located on the flat top near a head. Press for ON, press for OFF. The switch is recessed in the body by a rubber surround which defiantly protect the switch by accidental activation.


Seals / Water Resistance / Batteries

The flashlight is completely water resistant as its construction shows, fully capable to sink in water, mud, or even in chemical liquids (except those who are sensitive to rubber and polymer). The only access to the body is it tailcap which is seal with O-ring and the design of the tailcap it self makes a perfect weather resistance.

The 2 x AA size cells are required to run the flashlight for 50 hours (advertised). To access the battery unscrew the tailcap drop out the old one and place a new set of batteries positive first each one.


Extra Features

The Energizer Hard Case Work is a toughest flashlight! to ensure that I drop my light from the roof on a concrete floor over almost 30 feet, I also through it on the ground at a distance of nearly 100 feet, even in a water pound and also wrap it in mud then wash it with warm water, during the all process the light is switch ON and its keep running, not even a single scratch on it, the switch still works normal, the water resistance seal work perfectly. It’s really a solid choice for tough jobs.


The rubber coating around the head and the life time bulb means LED shows its hardness and make it real practical, also the lens is recessed in the head to protect it from impact. The tailcap also fully rubber coated and the construction of tailcap and head even the whole body makes the light shock prove.


Plus it has a lanyard attachment point on the tailcap if you like to hang up the light with your working gear with carabineer clip or etc. Also the tailcap is flat at its end and can easily stand up to work as a electric candle by shooting the beam on ceiling to bounce back the light to lit up the room.