Dorcy Luxeon LED (41-4287) Flashlight


Dorcy (reorder # 41-4287) is a tactical LED flashlight using Luxeon LED which produces 80 lumens of light, powered by 3 x AAA size cells in a special battery carrier.

Overall Appearance

The body is an aluminum alloy construction looks seems to be really hard and tough. The head is little bigger than barrel which have 6 grooves on it which helps prevent it from rolling off on a flat surface. The barrel of the flashlight has texture (checkered) body and the same texture on battery cap which gives more grip. The brand name “DORCY” is mark on one side of the barrel. The quality of the workmanship is free from defect in material, and the machining work is really good.


Bezel / Head

The head of the light has grooves which serve as an anti-rolling on a smooth surface and more improve grip. It consists of a clear polycarbonate lens, and a smooth shiny reflector. Luxeon LED which is rated to produce 80 lumens of light. The LED is very well centered in the reflector.


The lens is recessed in the head to prevent some protection if the light is placed on its head.



The LED used in Dorcy 41-4287 is one of most high power output LED made by Lumileds. It is the next generation of Luxeon type LEDs which is named as LUXEON Rebel which is rated @ 80 lumens.

The Luxeon Rebel is a very high intensity LED used by Dorcy even in their low end products to make it the best value for their products.

The picture is taken from Philips Lumileds Lighting Company.


The light produce by the flashlight is pure white with slightly non-noticeable yellow tint. And has good color temperature. It contains a yellow tint which gives quite good rendition during practical usage.


The beam is focused in a medium spot for small to medium range throw and has quite useable wide spill beam.

This 80 lumen flashlight features an intense beam of light that projects an output of 100 feet.



The switch is a rubber covered reverse-clickie in the tailcap. Press for ON, press for OFF. When ON, you can press gently to blink the light. Since the rubber cap slightly beyond the plane of the tailcap, the light will not stand on end.

You can lock-out the switch by unscrewing the tailcap 1/2 turn. This will prevent accidental activation when packing the light in your backpack or luggage.



3 x AAA size batteries are required to run the flashlight Dorcy Master Cell alkaline are included in the package. The flashlight uses batteries carrier in its barrel, the quality of the battery carrier seems to be very much solid and the spring / nobs are quite unbreakable and hold the batteries tightly.

8 hours estimated run time achieved by using fresh alkaline batteries.



Through the tailcap you can access to the batteries / battery carrier. The switch assembly is completely water resistance and permanently install in the tailcap. The tailcap also has texture which help improved grip to screw – unscrew the tailcap when battery changing.


Seals / Water Resistance

The flashlight is protected from the wet environments by O-rings at both end of the body tube. The switch is also water resistant, the light can be used under wet environment like raining etc. make sure your both ends of light (head and tailcap) are screw tightly against the body to prevent it from water.


Caution: The light can be used under wet environment not under water.


The body tube or barrel has texture, and the head grooves give quite good grip and light is very handy even you hold the light in formal style or in tactical style.



There are 3 AAA sizes Dorcy Master Cell alkaline are included.