Dorcy LED Twin Globe Lantern w/ Amber LED (41-3108)


Dorcy Twin Globe is a portable light source using new technology high flux 360° LED and is powered by D-Cell batteries. This is a 21st century product which is an alternate to the oil lamps used in previous centuries. It a perfect light source for those who go for camping, mountain climbing or for the farmers and dairy farm persons when they do not have any other choice to get a sound proof light source. It is also an ideal source of light in the third world countries which are facing electric power shortage.


  • An environment friendly product. No heat, No pollution, No smoke.
  • An indoor and outdoor use light source.
  • Fully water proof IPX-7 and floating. Can be used during rain.
  • Absolutely safe and secure product for children.
  • Comfortably portable. Only 1kg in weight (without batteries).
  • Produces 160 lumens up to 350 hour runtime with bright light single globe.
  • 5mm LED amber night light (advertise: 600 hours runtime), does not disturb the sleep.
  • Bright light dual twin globe with 175 hours runtime (advertise).
  • Radiates light 360°.
  • Sturdy handle with pop-out hanger hook.

Pop-Out Hanger Hook

To make it convenient for carrying, the pop-out hanger hook can be placed back in its place while carrying it by hand. Just pop it out when you have to hang it in a fixed place.


Sturdy Handle

It works same on both sides. When you turn it, it produces sound clicks. With every sound click you can feel that it is almost locked in that position, so you can hang it even on a straight wall using the position of the handle as you like.


Switch ON button

Turn around the knob for any of the three light settings marked clearly to manage the light setting.



The range of the light is approximately 30ft wide radiated 360° on all sides.

Amber Night Light