Dorcy 1-WATT Focusing Flashlight (41-4285)


Dorcy (reorder # 41-4285) 1-WATT focusing tactical flashlight using Nichia surface LED with up to 45 lumens of light, powered by 3 x AAA cells in a special battery carrier which gives up to 15 hours run time with one set of battery.

Overall Appearance

The body is an aluminum alloy construction looks seems to be really hard and tough. The head is little bigger than barrel which have 6 grooves on it which helps prevent it from rolling off on a flat surface and also proves grip when focusing needed. The barrel of the flashlight has texture (checkered) body and the same thing of battery cap which gives more grip. The brand name “DORCY” is mark on one side of the barrel. The quality of the workmanship is free from defect in material, and the machining work is really good.


Bezel / Head

The front of the light consists of a smooth polycarbonate optical lens. The lens is slightly recessed in the head. Under the lens you will find Nichia Power LED Series (SMD type) on a well design circuit board with a resistor which helps the LED to limiting the current, providing thermal runaway.



The light produce by the flashlight is pure white with slightly non-noticeable yellow-blue tint. And have good color temperature. It contents a yellow-blue tint which gives quite good rendition during practical usage. It has a focusing feature as mention above by its name. When the head is completely focus out it gives quite good round illumination light ring with some spill beam, no dark area because of surface LED and optical lens. When the head is completely focused it gives quite tight spot of light for distance lighting up to 100 feet, with a little spill beam.

Tight Focus
Wide Focus
Candle Mode


The switch is a plastic covered reverse-clickie in the tailcap. Press for ON, press for OFF. When ON, you can press gently to blink the light. Since the plastic cap slightly beyond the plane of the tailcap, the light will not stand on end.


Seals / Water Resistance / Batteries

An O-ring at both ends of the body tube, a plastic switch cover and a O-ring bezel, protects the light from the wet environment. To change the batteries, unscrew the tailcap, drop out a battery carrier which feels quite tough and well made, pull out the old ones and place a new set of battery observing proper polarity. Reattach the tailcap and you are ready for action. The light is direct driven so it runs on 3 x AAA size cells, alkaline and NiMH.


Extra Features

The Dorcy 1-WATT (41-4285) is reversible flashlight in which you can convert this long range focusing flashlight into electric candle for area illumination. To convert the flashlight into candle, put head screwed out and place it under its end downward, so that barrel stands in the head and its working light a electric candle.