1-WATT Pocket Flashlight: F-62AA


1-WATT ‘Sapphire’ type LED flashlight powered by single AA size alkaline or NiMH battery, which gives 2.5 hours (advertise) peak power output, gives up to 35 lumens of light in a spot with slight corona and wide spill beam. Tactical tailcap switch and body grooves give improve hand grip.

Overall Appearance

The body of this light is machined aluminum with an anodized finish and is available in black only. Although information from the factory is not available on the type of anodize, a third party has provided information that leads us to believe that it is type II. The body and head are completely cylindrical and there is a wide ring of gentle checkering around the head and body. The tail has several holes cut into it. This allows a lanyard (included) to be attached. The tail is not completely flat, so not allowing it to stand on end. The rubber cover rise little bit high from body.


Bezel / Head

At the front of the light you will find a recessed plastic lens with a 1-WATT LED inside a smooth reflector. Despite the use of a smooth reflector, the beam is quite nice and produces a fairly tight spot.

Let’s take a close-up look The LED itself – the top is almost flush with the surface of the board. 14 little gold bond wires are visible, which means. There are actually 7 LEDs inside this one module.



The light produce by the LED is really pure white light, the output is quite high with its size and had a medium central spot with a fairly good round spill beam, and no tint is detected when compare to nearly sunlight source. The light throw is to be use with in 50 to 60 feet (Distance vary depend upon the eyesight of the user).



The switch is a rubber covered clickie and is not fully recessed in the tailcap which don’t allows the light to stand on end and be used as an electric candle. Despite the fact, it is very easy to use. Click on, Click off. You can lockout the switch by unscrewing the tailcap 1/2 turn. This will prevent accidental activation when packing the light in your backpack or luggage.


Seals / Water Resistance / Batteries

An O-ring at both ends of the body tube, a rubber switch cover and a sealed bezel, protects the light from the environment. Company advertises the light as “waterproof” with no specific depth rating. If it gets wet inside, just disassemble as much a possible without tools and let it dry before using again. To change out the battery: unscrew the tailcap, drop out the old cell, and place in new cell observing proper polarity. Reattach the tailcap and you’re ready to go.